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Interior Landscape Design

Final Pest Control And Landscaping Inc. is the premier interior landscaping company in the area. Our floral design experts seamlessly translate the beauty of nature into indoor aesthetics that are inspiring, refreshing, and visually stunning.

Escape into nature from the comfort of your home or office. Speak with one of our team members at (305) 248-3816 to find out how.

Interior Landscaping Services

Indoor plants are extremely versatile. Use them to accent your existing interior theme, create a pathway, or section off an area. Most importantly, take advantage of healthy, lush plants to create a fresh and inviting ambiance. Our company exists because nature can beautify buildings like nothing else can.

At our company, we design and install:

  • Indoor gardens
  • Green walls
  • Planters
  • Terrariums
  • Aquariums
  • And more

Our team of urban gardeners loves to develop one-of-a-kind indoor landscaping designs that incorporate space, light, and our clients’ unique tastes and brand. Over the years, we’ve developed living masterpieces for a diverse range of residential and commercial clientele, installing our pieces in homes, offices, cafes, and more.

Spruce up your interior décor with a plant design tailor-made for you.

Consult with an Interior Horticulturist

We take the time to get to know our clients, starting with our no-obligation consultations. Book an appointment with us, and we’ll meet with you on-site at your earliest convenience. We’ll chat with you about your ideas, budget, and timeframe, and work collaboratively with you to put together a design that factors in all your desired criteria.

We’re a creative bunch at Final Pest Control And Landscaping Inc.. We’ll bring our ideas to the table showing you examples from our portfolio of the different kinds of flowers and plants we can source for you. That’s not all, either. We can also build custom pots and planters in varying colors and materials to complete the look.

We’ll go through every detail with you to create a comprehensive design that covers all your bases. Plus, the thoroughness of our consultations means that we can provide you with an accurate quote. You can expect our cost estimates to be full breakdowns of material and labor fees. We pledge to honor the budget we set from the beginning, so you never have to worry about surprise charges.

Planter Design

The cherry on top of interior landscaping is the atmosphere you can create with custom planters and furnishings. We think the pot is just as important as the plant! Allow us to help you build a signature centerpiece from scratch for your lobby or tie your corporate image together throughout the whole office with furnishings that match your company’s color scheme.

Contact Us for Interior Plantscaping Design

Liven up your office with real foliage and greenery. Brighten dull, empty walls and bring joy to your employees, guests, and customers at the same time. Final Pest Control And Landscaping Inc. is at your service for customized indoor landscape design and installation. We offer our clients unparalleled plant specimen expertise, world-class customer service, and affordable rates.

Contact us today by phone to schedule your no-obligation consultation. We look forward to hearing from you.

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