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Mice Control

It’s common for mice and other rodents to seek shelter in our homes. Especially if it’s warm, dry, and there’s plenty of food. Unfortunately, mice can be quite a nuisance and may pose dangers to your health. If you have mice in your home, call the region’s leading rodent control expert—Final Pest Control And Landscaping Inc..

Our integrated pest management systems give us the leading edge on the competition. More affordable, efficient, and successful, we are the most reliable mouse removal company in the region. Call us now!

Mouse Control Assessment Process

When we arrive on your property, we will perform an in-depth inspection of every nook, cranny, corner, and crack, searching for signs of mice. We will follow the signs to the nest to determine the size, extent, and location of the infestation.

Our experts utilize in-depth knowledge of mouse and rodent behavior as well as modern inspection technology to make accurate assessments. After the inspection, we will draft an accurate quote with a complete cost breakdown. Our rates for mice removal are driven by the local market and are consistently lower than the competition while maintaining a higher success rate for complete mice removal.

Mouse Extermination Services

Our results-driven mice removal strategies have two components. First, we will use specialized pest control technologies to safely eliminate the problem. To do this, we will use a combination of traps, bait, and commercial-grade detection technology. Second, we will monitor your property to ensure that the job was done correctly. This may include sealing up possible entry points and determining potential future vulnerabilities.

Our goal is to eliminate your mouse infestation for good and make sure that the mice never come back. Call us now for comprehensive mice extermination that you can rely on.

Mouse Relocation Services

Many of our clients prefer to avoid killing the mice that have invaded their home. Like our other wildlife removal services, we offer mouse capture and relocation. Why harm the mice when you don’t have to?

Once we have captured the mice in your home or business, we will transport them to a safe distance from human communities. There, the mice will be able to thrive in a natural environment.

Mice Prevention Tactics

Having removed the mice from your property, we will then seal up any possible entry points that future mice, rodents, or other pests may use to reenter your home. This may include areas like:

  • Cracks in foundation
  • Gaps in siding
  • Dryer vents
  • Voids around decking or stairs

Although they might look quite large, mice can fit through spaces as small as a quarter. Our follow-up visits, therefore, include an in-depth inspection. We will take the time to properly seal your home or business and ensure that there is no possibility of recurrence.

The Leading Mouse Pest Control Team

If you need a pest control service that specializes in mouse and rodent removal, look no further than Final Pest Control And Landscaping Inc.. We provide our clients with a reliable and trustworthy service that they can depend on.

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